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PhilipDec 4

I won tickets to Lollapalooza '93 from the local radio station and I had to refuse them because I was 11 and I was pretty sure my Mom would've laughed at my request to go to another state to see the band that said Fuck You like 30 times in the song she heard blaring from my bedroom every night. I think it's the only time I ever won anything in my life and I had to politely pass to the next caller.

Luke O'NeilDec 4

Hell World

ndjbDec 8

Like the other commenters here I was at that Lollapalooza in RI and like you RATM blew my mind that day. But I was real live teenager.

EvanDec 4

I went to that show and my favorite band at the time was Arrested Development because I was 8.